The Palmanova's Historical Reenactment

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The Historical Reenactment is one of the most important events for the star-shaped city by 38 years, where hundreds of people wear precious clothes or helmets and armors, thus recreating the same atmosphere of the 17th century.
The Gruppo Storico Città di Palmanova offers two great reenactments: the Holy Redeemer Festivity and A.D. 1615 The Call to Arms.

The Holy Redeemer Festivity, patron of the cathedral and the fortress, takes place on the second weekend of July. It was 22nd July, 1602 when the General Proveditor of the Friuli's land, Gerolamo Cappello, raised on the flagpole, in the central square, the Gonfalon of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, that built the fortress as defence of the far east borders of the Republic.
The visitor will see dances of nobles and ladies of rank while halberdiers and pikemen under the control of their officiers, guard inside the nine point star shaped town and the bastions are overseed by musketeers and cannons.
Grand Parade and theatrical performances will accompain the visitor to Sunday evening when in a wonderful frame of lanterns and fires the colours are hauled down from the pennon by the re-enactors. They will preserve the flag for a year becoming jealous guardians of a glorious and fascinating past.

The first weekend of Semptember will take place A.D. 1615 Palma alle Armi. The fortress will be under siege by the imposing Habsburg army, which, in addition to the Ottoman Empire, constantly threatened the Serenissima borders.

This event wants to remind the conflicts in the Friuli plain in September 1615, where, not far from the star-shaped city, there was also the bloody War of Gradisca.
The visitor will see military operations, great field battles, military camps (with troops from other Italian regions and European countries) and he'll be able to participate in various festivities that will be held throughout Palmanova, with folk and court dances, music and drums rolled, duels among the best swordsmen, theatrical performances, historical markets, local gastronomic specialities, fireworks and much more to hold high the moral of the soldiers and the people waiting for the call to war.
Furthermore, to give a greater victory hope to the city, on the Proveditor-General order will be hoisted on the square flagpole the Gonfalon of the Most Serene Republic of Venice, which will be lowered to the end of the siege.